Muffin madness

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What to do with a bunch of overripe bananas? Turn them into a tasty batch of muffins! These banana and Nutella swirls muffins with walnuts are my absolute favourite! Unbeatable fresh out of the oven – slightly crunchy top and … Continue reading

Quinoa salad


Whoever thinks salads are nothing more than boring, tasteless ‘rabbit food’ obviously hasn’t tried this salad yet. With lots of crunch, different textures and bursting with flavour, this quick salad may be a serious contender in the ‘my favourites’ category. … Continue reading

Warm me up

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Me and soups have never really been a thing. This probably goes back to still vivid memories of my school’s canteen and different soups they served each day. They all looked different but tasted exactly the same, leaving me thinking … Continue reading

Roasted winter veggies


When I think ‘Gwyneth Paltrow’, I think ‘films’, but apparently I should also think ‘cook books’. Recently her ‘Notes from my kitchen table’ landed on my cook book pile. And since nowadays everyone can be a writer, not necessarily a … Continue reading