Pizza time


Who doesn’t like pizza? I can’t see any hands up in the room! Nothing beats the pizza from this lovely small italian place just around the corner, however the home made pizza is a close runner up! The crust may … Continue reading

Warm me up

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Me and soups have never really been a thing. This probably goes back to still vivid memories of my school’s canteen and different soups they served each day. They all looked different but tasted exactly the same, leaving me thinking … Continue reading

Roasted winter veggies


When I think ‘Gwyneth Paltrow’, I think ‘films’, but apparently I should also think ‘cook books’. Recently her ‘Notes from my kitchen table’ landed on my cook book pile. And since nowadays everyone can be a writer, not necessarily a … Continue reading

Home, sweet home

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My mum is a home cooking guru (and I should perhaps fill an application for her to go on Masterchef show, because she is way to modest to even remotely consider doing it herself!). Every time I visit I am completely spoilt by her and her … Continue reading

A little muffin sneak peek


I have just taken a fresh batch of the muffins out of the oven and I have a moment before they cool down and I can finally eat them! A recipe for the delicious banana and honey crumb muffins soon to follow!

pasta e basta!

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When thinking about a dinner, pasta would not be my first, not a second and probably not even a third choice. It’s a whole different story with a lunch though! For me a decent lunch should be super quick, super … Continue reading

A thing about muffins

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I love muffins. Full stop. Whatever flavour, shape or form. Banana, white chocolate and raspberry, carrot, blueberry, pear and ginger, oats and honey … and I can go on like this forever. Blackberry and lemon muffins with icing for today! 1/3 … Continue reading