Light, oh light!

With this gorgeous sun outside I decided to take my camera to the garden and finally ditch yellow, kitchen light and the old, safe auto mode. I knew my dark kitchen was not ideal place to shoot appetising photos but since I was taking the shots at night, natural light was hardly an option

And until few days ago, I did not think this was a major problem. This is, until Friday – when my new food photography bible (‘Plate to Pixel’) has finally arrived!  Since lately I have been enjoying looking at the amazing food shots done by the talented bloggers I follow, far more than the food I could actually eat, my excitement of unwrapping the book from its packaging could be easily compared with the one happening under the Christmas tree! And even though I am only half through the book I know the waiting for it was worthwhile.

Helene Dujardin, amazing food photographer from tartelette blog shared some of her tips how to get those mouth-watering shot. In her books she explains how to set the camera and what accessories to use to get the results we are after.  I was starving already just flickering through the first couple of pages filled with beautifully arranged plates, wooden boards and baskets. When you’ve had enough looking at her photos (well, I am not sure if this stage even exists for me) you can actually see how she actually took those pictures because each image comes with a description of camera settings used to achieve the effect.

Following Helen’s advice I have instantly left my no-windows kitchen (with no intention of ever attempting to create a studio in their again), abandoned my built-in camera flash and took my camera outside to the garden, making  home-made light reflectors (and who knew a kitchen aluminium foil had so many different uses!) on the way. They really do work miracles!

In her book Helen talks a lot about importance of natural light and clever ways of manipulating it. Having tested, tested and tested it again I cannot agree more!

When I get to the ‘styling food tips’ chapter you are bound to notice!