My latest bake


For over a year this blog has been awfully quiet. I feel there is a bit of an explaining to do on my part!┬áThe blog might have been very quiet but my life was certainly not – I proudly introduce to you my newest and perfectly turned out bake, baby Alexander.


As a first time to mum, I had no idea how this tiny person was going to turn my life upside down. Soon I realised that between cuddling, feeding, changing, more cuddling and feeding, there was no time for sleeping left, not even mentioning cooking, photographing and blogging! The past few months have certainly been a time of lovely cuddles and hideous take aways but as my bundle is growing into this gorgeous, more independent little man, I am returning to the kitchen and dusting my camera.


One thought on “My latest bake

  1. Finally!! Really looking forward to admiring your new posts and photos! :) Alexander is the cutest baby in the world!! :o) Kisses to all of you!

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