A little muffin sneak peek


I have just taken a fresh batch of the muffins out of the oven and I have a moment before they cool down and I can finally eat them! A recipe for the delicious banana and honey crumb muffins soon to follow!

pasta e basta!

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When thinking about a dinner, pasta would not be my first, not a second and probably not even a third choice. It’s a whole different story with a lunch though! For me a decent lunch should be super quick, super … Continue reading

A thing about muffins

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I love muffins. Full stop. Whatever flavour, shape or form. Banana, white chocolate and raspberry, carrot, blueberry, pear and ginger, oats and honey … and I can go on like this forever. Blackberry and lemon muffins with icing for today! 1/3 … Continue reading

On a milky way

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I can’t believe I have not made this dessert before! Deliciously creamy and dead easy to make – vanilla panna cotta – another real classic Italian treat made of cream, milk and vanilla beans. Truly great with sharp summer fruit … Continue reading


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What I like best in a cake is not neccessarily the cake itself but the fruit and the crumble on top. So what’s better out there than a dessert made of these two only? Bring on the peach and blueberry … Continue reading



I am not a big meat lover (pink, juicy steak or a tender lamb chop are the last thing that come to my mind when I am thinking about a decent dinner, to M.’s great disappointment I must add!)  but this … Continue reading