Some bedtime reading

I have developed this rather unusual interest (borderline addiction) in cookery books, and I may be loosing control a little here – the new ones just keep coming. Once again, after-Christmas sales are not my friend, since the fact you’ve just got yourself a really good deal excuses yet another impulse purchase, and the fact that you’re really running out of storage space does not seem to be that much relevant anymore when you see a bright yellow sticker saying 80% off.

I am generally quite easily pleased, and my expectations for a cookery book are very reasonable  - I look for the ones with straightforward recipes, simple ingredients (spikey  sea urchins and the like are a no no), clean graphic layouts, and most importantly, great photos. I don’t like relying on my imagination when it comes to visualising the end result of the recipe!

I take a lot of inspiration from these photos – light direction, shot angle, styling, composition  the use of props, etc, and I can look at the good shots for way longer than I could get away without it becoming a little suspicious. In this respect I am a bit like a kid – when there are little or no pictures, it gets boring and completely unappealing to me (yes, I am sorry to say this you Nigella, you Domestic Goddess).

This year I must have been very good because Santa added a good few really decent books to my collection. I will make another post with a quick review of each single one of them.

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